Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ahmadinejhad Speaks to the American people at the 'No More Wars For Israel' conference Held in Southern California

A speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad where he is blasting away at the inherently racist nature of Zionism and the bloodbath that it has perpetrated against the innocent people of Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan may not appear newsworthy, for the simple reason that he has done many similar speeches in recent years…

However, having him make such a speech for a handful of people associated with American Free Press newspaper for the No More Wars For Israel conference held in southern California in October is newsworthy, to say the least.

Certainly most people would respond with ‘No Way’ when presented with such a piece of news, asking rhetorically why someone as important as Ahmadinejhad--who literally is headline news across the world on a daily basis would be willing to take time out of his schedule to sit down and record such a speech for a relatively small group of people gathering in Southern California. The fact of the matter nevertheless though is that indeed this did take place and the proof of this fact can now be found on the internet as the President’s speech is (as of the time of this writing) now being viewed by thousands of people around the world.

Recognizing that the nation of Iran was (and is) clearly in the sights of the warmongering Neocons intent upon destroying the entire Islamic world, the organizers of the No More Wars For Israel conference thought that giving the Iranian president the opportunity of exercising his God-given right of freedom of speech (without having his remarks being deliberately taken out of context as has taken place thousands of times by the Zionist media in America and throughout the West) might be in order, given current events. Thus, he was contacted a few months before the scheduled date of the conference through a 3rd party in Iranian media who works with the President on a regular basis.

The request had originally been for Ahmadinejhad to appear in person at the conference. The word coming back however was that although he was honored at such a request that unfortunately he was too busy to make such a trip. What he offered to do instead was to videotape the speech he would have given had he appeared in person, the transcript of which follows below--

“In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate…Lord, we pray for the return of the Savior, Messiah and Mahdi…

I extend my greetings to all of you gathered to establish peace and prevent invasion and war, the thinkers and sympathizers who have had enough of the world’s present conditions and who are willing to expend every effort to bring about a better world with the help of your thoughts, voices and spirits.

As you know, the Almighty did not create man to live in war, hostility and vengeance…He did not make man to spend his time in hardship, exile, deprivation, enmity and antagonism such as is prevalent in our era…God created man to live in this world in a friendly, intimate atmosphere, an atmosphere of love based on monotheism and justice. He created man to establish by means of his own will and by guidance of the Almighty a prosperous, creative and ideal society.

However, down through history, despite the missions and guidance of the prophets and despite the endeavors of reformers and sympathizers there have been the evil doers. These egocentric, avaricious and hostile currents have stood against righteous men and against the message of friendship and love in order to distort man’s understanding of the facts and tempt him to indulge in selfishness and evil desires. They want humanity to deviate from the right path. They want to smother man’s finer instincts and prevent the realization of good will.

We have seen numerous clues throughout history that point to the presence, domination and performance of these groups in human society. Today, human society still suffers from such individuals and governments, those who cannot be satisfied with their own portions alone, but who can only visualize prosperity through the deprivation and destitution of others. They see their own advancement through the backwardness and impoverishment of others. In order to progress, they strive to rule other nations and by sowing seeds of discord among them, consolidate their own domination.

The best example of such is the racist, Zionist regime. The Zionist regime is by origin a fabrication. It is a racist regime for the sole benefit of a certain number of people who totally lack origins or roots in the land of Palestine. They are devoid of any legal, national or identity bonds with the Palestinian land. The regime has defined for itself special unique rights which cannot be adjusted. They are attempting to maintain their illegitimate interest and those of their supporters via massacre and violation of the rights of the Palestinian people on a daily basis.

Through sedition and deceit they have attempted to brainwash the people of the United States and Europe. They are an incredibly sophisticated party of political racists. In fact, they are an anti-human party, a party that in principle refuses to take into consideration the welfare, happiness and hope of nations.

Watch their behavior--they don’t believe in any religion. When among Christians, they don Christian vestments in order to dupe the Christian community, thereby gaining control of their societies, and then they do the same when among the Jewish community. They use Judaism to portray themselves as innocent to gain control of the Jewish community. Thus, they pave the way to violate the rights of other nations. They don’t believe in any faith. Essentially, they don’t believe in any values, either human or divine. They look after their own interests. They pursue power and control over the main global centers. How they have committed grave crimes for the past 80-100 years and it is almost impossible to find any contemporary war in which they have not played a major part…

The reader will note that the opening remarks from the ‘Hitler of Iran’ (as Ahmadinejhad is portrayed in the self-absorbed and juvenile-minded Zionist press) referenced Jesus, the Messiah, whom all Muslims expect will return at the end of time for the defeat of evil, certainly a huge departure from the propaganda that gullible American Christians are fed on a regular basis concerning the ‘inherently anti-Christian’ nature of Islam.

Unfortunately, during the transmission of the video over the internet from Iran, the last 3 minutes of the speech did not arrive. However, based upon the information relayed to this reporter by the aforementioned Iranian media official, at one point in the final 3 minutes of the speech President Ahmadinejhad holds up a copy of American Free Press newspaper (of which he is said to be a loyal reader) and announced something to the effect that ‘If the American media did what this paper does every week in exposing the truth, the American people would not find themselves in the unfortunate position that presently occupy.’

In the meantime, this reporter is busy hammering down the details for an upcoming interview with Ahmadinejhad for American Free Press newspaper where he will be given the opportunity of saying whatever he wishes to say, not only to the American people, but indeed to the entire human race concerning the issues that all are facing today regarding the cancer of Zionism and the serious danger it portends for the peace and security of all people worldwide.

2007 Mark Glenn
Correspondent, AFP

Originally appearing in American Free Press newspaper

The author can be reached at

Video of Ahmadinejhad can be viewed here

Friday, November 2, 2007

Keynote speech at No More Wars For Israel Conference by Hesham Tillawi

Why are America's sons and daughters dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and why is a new, more terrible front in this war about to be opened up against Iran that will likely be the start of Armageddon?

One word--ISRAEL.

Watch this groundbreaking
speech by Dr. Hesham Tillawi of as he lays out the case in lawyerly fashion how all of this is the result of Israel's plans for Middle east hegemony.

Watch the speech by USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney at the conference.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Statement from the Crescent And Cross Solidarity Movement Concerning Last Weekend's 'No More Wars For Israel' Conference


The No More Wars For Israel conference wrapped up its two-day event in Irvine, California with amazing success. Many activists with diverse orientation from around the US, Canada, and Australia attended the conference originally scheduled to take place at the Marriott Hotel in Irvine but then forced to move to another venue as a result of the hotel canceling the event for what organizers felt was political pressure by the ADL and other pro-Zionist/anti-free speech groups.

The Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement is an open forum started two years ago by writer Mark Glenn and Hesham Tillawi of Current Issues TV as a project to unite both Muslims and Christians under two main principles: First, that Islam and Christianity are not enemies, and second, efforts of both Muslims and Christians must be channeled to resist the forces of evil, identified as Zionists and Christian-Zionists.

The No More Wars For Israel conference concluded with the following positions on several political issues of our days:

US War On Iraq:
We affirm that the war on Iraq was a war of aggression by a Neo-Con/Zionist-occupied United States government against a sovereign state, that was and remains a member of the UN and as such was not in any way, shape or form a threat to our country. We believe the major cause of the war was the cause of Israel, as outlined in the 1982 Zionist-funded and engineered publication known as Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties combined with the A Clean Break: Strategy for Securing the Realm and followed by the Project for New American Century that were planned and executed by many well known Zionists and their puppets in the American Administration now collectively and colloquially referred to as the ‘Neo-Cons’.

The Palestinian people have suffered--not just decades, but generations--under the brutality of the Israeli Military Occupation and we therefore call upon all people of conscience to unite efforts in bringing freedom to the Palestinians and to establish an independent, viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. We affirm the Right of Return for the Palestinian People according with established UN resolutions on the subject especially UN Resolution 194. We believe it is up to the Palestinian People represented by their Sole Legitimate Representative to decide on the form of state they desire.

US Government
We affirm the necessity of the United States government and all branches of government remaining free of all foreign influence organizations such as AIPAC, JINSA, WJC and others for our own National Interest. We call upon all our elected officials to have American interests first and foremost and not those of any foreign power.

Neither the No More Wars For Israel conference nor the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement or the website are affiliated with any groups preaching hate or racism. We affirm the right of all peoples to take pride in their race and culture and deny that any possess the right to disparage others based upon racial parameters. All people deserve the dignity that is part and parcel of being a human being.

The charge of “Anti-Semitism”
We affirm that it is the duty of all people of good conscience to do everything in their power to destroy this Weapon of Mass Distraction known as the charge of ‘anti-Semitism’ that has claimed many political lives and careers of many of our good people in government, and private sectors. It is our duty to defeat this unfair and unrealistic accusation with sound reasoning and rational discourse. Furthermore, we remind the world that at present there is no better example of “anti-Semitism” than the wars of aggression that are being fought against the peoples of the Middle East who have more of a claim to the term “Semite” than do the Jews populating Israel who are of European ancestry. As long as this scurrilous charge can be irresponsibly bantered about by dishonest pundits and propagandists a clear, rational discussion concerning what is taking place in the Middle East and how this impacts negatively upon the rest of the peoples of the world cannot take place.